January 20, 2021

DJ Eclipse & DJ Riz "MF DOOM Tribute" (Mix, 1/3/21)

DJ Eclipse and DJ Riz paid tribute to the late great MF DOOM on their Sirius radio show, Rap Is Outta Control. When I thought about all the DJs that would come out of the shadows to post their mixes in support of MF DOOM, there were only a few that I was certain had represented from day 1, and among them was certainly DJ Eclipse. Sure, you can dig into the archives for a lot of DOOM-related content, but for now, you'll definitely want to dig into this 2-hour tribute mix, which was recorded live on January 3, 2021. MF DOOM's memory will live on forever, click play and you'll hear all the reasons why. Props to Lucas for the updated link on MixCloud; the link I had was removed. RIP!