January 15, 2021

Gang Starr "Step In The Arena" (January 15, 1991)

"DJ Premier's turntable wizardry is cemented to the Guru's acute raps via some of the funkiest beats you'll hear this year. At 18 tracks and almost 50 minutes long, it's the Guru and Premier's fully realized vision of Gang Starr... "This time we made sure all of the beats pump. This album we got into more depth - relating to our experiences in Brooklyn plus our experiences from traveling. We're coming with a different perspective - we have stuff that is jazz influenced but the subject matter is different." The article continues, "Step In The Arena sees the Guru dropping his knowledge on gangs, other MCs, women and religion. But this man lives for his lyrics! As he explains his thoughts behind the album, he raps his way through whole chunks of each tracks." You'll definitely wanna read the full article below in HHC (2/91), where Guru discusses the album track by track, like for the single, "Take A Rest," where Guru explains, "I'm tired of sellout rappers - people doin' it 'cos they think it's cool, but they have no vision. The rappers I like may be different, but the one thing they have in common is that they have scope, style, and a sense of direction. That's what "Take A Rest" is about. It cuts from Special Ed, the lyrics really bug, and it's really hot." As always, revisit the album now celebrating its 30th anniversary. I also included a dope interview from 1991 in support of the release of Step In The Arena. If you're like me, you grew up with Gang Starr and they remain my favorite group of all-time! Much love and respect (always) to DJ Premier, and Rest In Peace, Guru!

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