January 04, 2021

PSA: Posts On The Site Are Now Archived By Year

Towards the end of 2020, I read through a bunch of year-end lists that were circulating around the internet... I wasn't surprised at most of the records that were championed by mainstream media. Some of my favorite podcasts had lists of their own that I respected, too. I'd briefly considered doing one of my own, but quickly got discouraged by the amount of projects I'd have to consider for the list, but just as quickly I felt a sense of relief - why? - because nobody cares what I think! lol. All year round, I share the projects that I'm listening to and enjoying, you already know all most of the projects I think you should check out! But - and this is the reason for this post - I realized, years from now, it'll be harder to isolate the albums I post by year, because I didn't create tags for the archives. A major oversight, in my opinion. So, over the last few days, I've attempted to go through all the posts and add the year in the tags. So... if you wanna know all the content related to 1990 or 2020, you can click the appropriate tag. Sure, I probably messed up a bunch by error or pure laziness, but I did my best. If a mixtape was made in 2020 that was a Best of 1995 mix, I probably tagged it 1995 or if it's a golden era mix, I may have made it 199x, which just means its all-90s. It's not a flawless system, I know, but now that it's in place, I can tweak it and make it better over time. Also, I can see which years were the most influential and add ideas for what else to share. Oh, and don't forget, the Hip-Hop Nostalgia Store is still OPEN... lotsa random nostalgia. Thank you for all of the support! I hope to add some new items in the next month or two!