January 25, 2021

What Are The Greatest Mixtapes of All-Time?

Tape Kingz' Iain McNee chose his 10 Greatest Mix Tapes of All-Time in Ego Trip's Book of Rap Lists - a phenomenal book from 1999. I think with the exception of DJ S&S's "2/10/93," I've shared all the other joints already on the site. Maybe that tape went by another name? Either way, there's a few DJ S&S tapes HERE to make up for it. There's a description from Iain about each tape he hand-selected with some exceptional and relevant points. I was asked to do the same thing by a reader of the site, which led me to pull up this article because some of my selections do overlap. For example, Doo Wop's 95 Live; Five Deadly Venoms of Brooklyn; 50 MC's and perhaps even Kid Capri's classic 52 Beats. Beyond that - and mostly for personal reasons (nostalgia!), I'd include Tony Touch's Tape 44, DJ Rip One's Rippin Shit Up!; DJ Apollo's Reggae Dancehall Classics; Robert Smith's Biggie mix; DJ Geo Roc's tapes and many of the DJ Rei Double R & G-Bo The Pro joints + many others that are escaping my memory right NOW. Care to suggest any mix tapes for me to listen to or cover here? As always, I suggest diggin' into the archives; there are hundreds of mixes and mixtapes to listen to!