January 12, 2021

Happy Born Day, Raekwon! (Playlist)

Raekwon (born Corey Woods, 1970) – nicknamed “The Chef” for having “lyrical flavor”, and ability to cook cocaine into “crack rock,” says his biography. Rae's lyrics have always utilized extensive New York slang, much of which he birthed himself. He is also known for his vivid storytelling about wealth, power, and prestige. His influential solo album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… is often credited with initiating the Mafioso rap phenomenon of the mid-to-late-1990s, and is generally considered one of the best of the solo albums by both fans and critics. The sequel to the influential album was released in late 2009 titled Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II. Subsequent albums also include his latest effort, The Wild, which I feel is a slept-on record, where Rae took it back to some soulful samples and his genuine slang rap. I've posted so much content that's related to Wu-Tang and Raekwon over the years, you can and should have a field-day in the archives. I've also quickly put together this short playlist that features many of my favorite Raekwon solo records; features and Wu-Tang material. Go ahead and wish Shallah Raekwon a very Happy Born Day today, and dig into the playlist below. He's definitely one of the best to do it - the proof is there, follow the breadcrumbs!!