August 01, 2020

Big L "The Big Picture" (20th Anniversary + Press Kit, 2000)

From the time Lamont Coleman put his Children Of The Corn crew together (with Mase and Cam'ron), to the moment he met underground legend Lord Finesse (who dubbed him Big L after a jaw-dropping freestyle on the street), to his sour experience as a major label recording artist in 1992, to his founding of Flamboyant Entertainment, Big L always saw the "big picture" in this hip-hop industry. He was always setting up for the future; even his rhymes couldn't be confined to just the present. The future (and the present) is August 1st, when Flamboyant Entertainment, in conjunction with Rawkus Records will release these timeless passages, collectively known as The Big Picture. In February 1999, a bullet ended a career of memorable rhymes and punchlines. When talented individuals leave the world prematurely, it is constantly stated that they were on the verge of greatness. With Big L, this was no cliche. It is clearly evident on The Big Picture. Noted producers such as DJ Premier ("The Enemy," "Platinum Plus") and Pete Rock ("Holdin' It Down," "Who You Slidin' Wit"), as well as emerging hitmaker, Mike Heron (with the #1 single "Flamboyant") contribute on this set. The guest appearances read like a hip-hop timeline. On one end of the spectrum, there's Big Daddy Kane ("Platinum Plus"), Kool G Rap ("Fall Back"), and Sadat X & Guru ("Games"); and on the other end is another fallen soldier, Tupac ("Deadly Combinations"), A.G. & Stan Spit along with songstress and Hot 97 radio personality Miss Jones ("Holdin' It Down"), Fat Joe ("The Enemy"), and O.C. ("The Triboro"). The Big Picture is the result of hard work and careful planning.

Since Big L founded Flamboyant Entertainment to serve as an umbrella company for his music and entertainment ventures, his career was moving like pieces of Kasparov's chessboard. As a CEO in a budding enterprise, his concerns became more global. He had staff, partners, and more importantly, he had local artists who deserved a break. In 1998, when he released the now classic, "Ebonics," the purpose was to set up the D.I.T.C. album, the company, as well as his next album. Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella Records approached Big L that year. L agreed to join the roster after he successfully negotiated (which took nearly six months) for fellow Harlemites, McGruff and C-Town, to accompany him on the label. Three days before the Flamboyant party to announce the signing, Lamont Coleman was gunned down. Big L will forever be a legend in the streets of Harlem, especially around 139th & Lenox. To know him was to love him and The Big Picture is a testament to that love. Flamboyant Entertainment and Rawkus Records present Big L's legacy... The Big Picture. - Press Kit, 2000.