August 27, 2020

Godfather Don "Beats, Bangers & Biscuits..." (Album Stream)

"This release marks an exciting collaboration between me & 90's Tapes in which I have chosen along with the crew to release some of my favorite demos fans and collectors alike have sought after and asked me to "please make available" for years in a format like this. During the whole thing the HHV staff have been super cool from the start. They listened astutely, and invited me to offer any suggestions every step of the way, and made it a smooth, easy going affair overall - resulting in what I believe is a simply marvelous release that I sincerely hope will entertain and be enjoyed by all!" - Godfather Don. Released via 90s Tapes, this is a really dope selection of tracks. The blog era and message boards gave a second life to a lot of rare gems and build the word of mouse that led to labels reissuing and unearthing these types of records. Godfather Don's catalog been dope: DIG!