August 26, 2020

DJ S&S "Buttah Tape" (Mixtape, 1994)

This is a Columbia Records mix tape from DJ S&S in 1994, called "Buttah Tape." If you were outside at the time, you probably remember the compilation CD that Columbia Records sent out called No Doubt ... This Is What It's About. It featured early tracks from Nas, Big L, Kurious, Fugees, Jamal-Ski, Tiger, Diana King and others. This mix tape is very similar in terms of track selection and artists, although it also includes tracks from Kris Kross, Schooly D and Super Cat. Columbia Records also sent out the infamous slipmats with logos from Nas, Kurious, and Big L in black and orange. Anyhow, it's a fine mix tape, which was uploaded by DJ Step One via Grime & Lime - much respect to them! 

Here's the original slipmat in case you aren't familiar & tracklist from the CD...