January 10, 2017

Sam The Sleezbag & DJ Mekalek "#SleezbagMekalekTape"

Sam The Sleezbag & DJ Mekalek '#SleezbagMekalekTape'

Sam The Sleezbag & DJ Mekalek team up to present their 3-disc set, "#SleezbagMekalekTape", showcasing some of hip hop's most respected artists from the East Coast. Spanning the first two discs is ninety minutes of exclusive freestyles and songs from the personal vault of Sam The Sleezbag -- all meticulously scratched, cut, mixed and blended in true mixtape form by DJ Mekalek. The third disc contains a 30-track bonus collection of unreleased joints and lost freestyles. The duo, consisting of New York based audio engineer/producer Sam The Sleezbag, and Rhode Island based DJ/producer DJ Mekalek, refuse to comply with modern day formats, and deliver nothing but the best quality music. The 3-disc set came out last August (2016). Peep the tracklist above for the expansive list of underground MCs on the mix and stream it below. We need more projects like this!