January 15, 2017

K-Bomb 'Stories I Know' (12", 1999)

K-Bomb Charlemagne Stories I Know Bump This 12" Hip-Hop Nostalgia

"I knew this kid named Chico, from Mexico ... " This is a great record from K-Bomb, with a winner on the B-Side, 'Stories I Know.' Released on Fortress Entertainment and Nervous Records in 1999, the Fortress imprint was run and produced by Charlemagne of the Natural Elements crew. They put out some solid joints at the time, and I rightfully copped them all. This particular record, 'Stories I Know' has great drums, an ill-storyline, and that vintage independent sound. I've always gravitated towards the B-Side over 'Bump This,' but you can stream both below. Sidenote: the good folks at Unkut put together a nice compilation of production by Charlemage last year, you should check that out too!