January 30, 2017

Black Rob "Freestyles" (EP, 1999)

Black Rob Bad Boy Records Life Story

According to the internets, Black Rob released his debut album, ‘Life Story,’ 17 years ago today! My memory is that there were multiple delays, so I can’t say for sure when it officially dropped. Knowing Puff, we can thank ‘Whoa’ for hitting charts, it probably forced him to finally put it out. With 21 tracks, it was an ambitious release, but it was heavy on content, storytelling, and it even had singles that did numbers. Production was handled by Buckwild, Yogi (Cru), Charlemagne (Natural Elements) and I’m sure Puff snuck production credits on a few tracks. In and out of jail, Black Rob’s career didn’t have quite the push that was needed when releasing music, but he’s always been a solid MC and there's plenty of music to support that claim. Also in 1999, a white label 12” marked ‘Freestyles (Clean)’ was released; it had 4 tracks with Black Rob rapping over ‘Children’s Story,’ ‘Who Got Da Props,’ ‘Looking Out The Front Door,’ and also ‘The Heist.’ Why these tracks are clean and whether or not Puff had him rocking over these original beats (like ‘Thug Story’) for the album, I do not know, but you can listen to the full white label Freestyle 12" below, definitely check it out...