January 31, 2017

Company Flow "Info Kill" (12", 1996)

Company Flow Info Kill Pub Photo Insert

Back in the 90s, vinyl promos often came with inserts that included bios, press kits, pub photos, and various other content. In 1996, Company Flow and Official Recordings released the 12" for 'Info Kill,' which is one of my favorite Company Flow track. The original version with the Flash Gordon sample was played often on college radio (in NYC) and it caught all our attention. I'd guess sample clearance issues forced them to rework the track for an alternate version, but most (real) heads know this original version as the 12" single. Do yourself a favor and check out Brian Coleman's book 'Check The Technique' Vol.2 for more info on Funcrusher Plus and you can listen to the full Info Kill 12" below.