January 09, 2017

Slum Village "Trinity" (Vibe Magazine, 1/03)

"Many hip hop fans are still mourning the dissolution of A Tribe Called Quest. But Detroit's Slum Village brought the formula of relaxed funk and playful lyricism back to the airwaves in 2002 with its second album. Trinity (Past, Present and Future). "Tainted," the first single from that disc, is a melodic love joint about keepin' it real in both romance and art. With Baatin, 28, T3, 28, and newcomer Elzhi, 24, spitting lines like "Would you fix me green tea if I'm feelin' ill?" over a smoothed-out, keys 'n' bass groove. "Tainted" is the antidote to the steady dose of hook-friendly club tracks and who-can-outshine-whom diatribes so prevalent on urban radio." Watch "Tainted" below...

"Slum Village came together in the Conant Gardens section of the Motor City. Its indie-label debut album, Fantastic Vol.2, sold 150,000 copies and garnered underground props, mostly thanks to producer Jay Dee's syncopated bass lines, funky organ loops, and nasty percussion. Jay Dee has taken on a lesser role with Trinity, producing only a handful of tracks, while boardsmen Hi-Tek, Scott Storch, and Karriem Riggins (who produced "Tainted") incorporate soulful hooks and swirling keyboards. Lyrically dynamic, Baatin's nasal meditations and T3's witty wordplay about the females of the species blend perfectly with Elzhi's easy flow. Whether they get romantic, reflective, or ridiculous, the trio of MCs always stays locked into the track. Let's hope they don't dissolve into the same ether as the boys from the Boulevard of Linden." - Vibe Magazine, January 2003.