January 23, 2017

2 Face (A-Butta & L-Swift) "NYC" (12", 1996)

2 Face A Butta & L-Swift Hey NYC 12" Blind Side Recordings Natural Elements

2Face is A-Butta (Anthony Cruz) and L-Swift (Swigga) from the legendary NYC hip-hop collective, Natural Elements. The name alone generates nostalgia from mix shows and the college radio days, where Natural E would be up there freestylin' and rhymin' back and forth. The spinoff from A-Butta and L-Swift as 2Face didn't spawn many releases, but fortunately, this vinyl for "NYC" was pressed in 1996. Around 2009, 2Face dropped a dope single called "Howard Stern," which was around the same time 1999: 10 Year Anniversary was unearthed and released by Natural Elements. Hopefully you already have that classic in your collection, as well as the recent Chopped Herring vinyl releases from NE. Peace to A-Butta, who has always shown love, and remains a decade ahead of his time; a true creative. I have 2 test presses of "NYC," one written as 'L-Swift + A Butter' and another with 'Natural Elements' on the sleeve - both wrong, but the music is still as dope today as it was in 1996. Keep an ear out for new music and click the tags as I'm sure they're will be more NE content.