January 22, 2017

Reef The Lost Cauze 'This Is My Life' (Live Version)

Reef The Lost Cauze Philadelphia Ricky400ML

I was on my FaceBook page earlier and saw my brother, Reef The Lost Cauze, post this sick art from @Ricky400ML. It's a blessing to have fans and artists support your work so much that they create their own art to honor it. Off that, I immediately thought about one of my favorite songs ever recorded by Reef and that's 'This Is My Life' on 'Invisible Empire' (2003). I catch allergies almost every time I hear it. Instead of linking the original, however, there is an incredible live version that is so raw and infused with emotion. Unfortunately, the site doesn't have info on all the players, it just says recorded for WXPN's 'The Key' by Philadelphia musicians. Listen below...