January 13, 2017

Soul Survivors 'In God We Trust' (12", 2000)

Soul Survivors 'In God We Trust' 12"

I first heard Soul Survivors on the Easy Mo Bee compilation, ‘Bee Mo Easy Presents,’ that had his group Rappin Is Fundamental, Da Nation and 2 cuts from Soul Survivors. I wouldn’t say I was overly impressed with that record, but enough to take interest when I saw the ‘In God We Trust’ 12" on Hit Mob Entertainment. The sticker labels always caught my attention, if I'm keeping it a buck. With production from DJ Hard Rock and M16, who was part of the crew with C4, Soul Survivors put together a nice joints with 'In Good We Trust' and 'We Rock The Mic.' I particularly dig the A-Side, 'In God We Trust,' but they came with straight bars over a familiar break on 'We Rock The Mic,' so either way, it's a solid 12" release. Only thing, don't bother to use the cleans, they are super choppy. The record was released in 2000, but it sounds like it may have been recorded in the late 90s.