December 09, 2016

Foxy Brown 'BK Made Me' (Unreleased, 2001)

Foxy Brown Broken Silence Advertisement BK Made Me

Back in '01, before Foxy Brown's album, 'Broken Silence,' DJ Clue blasted off 'BK Made Me.' The track sounded like Foxy near a breaking point and sharing her most inner thoughts. It was assumed to be on 'Broken Silence' when it dropped, but instead, there was a track called 'The Letter,' equally deep and personal, featuring vocals from Ronald Isley. It's possible they didn't think the album needed both or it was a sample issue, but 'BK Made Me' was left a mixtape-only cut on Clue's 'Stadium Series Pt.3.' Being that I heard it first and it wasn't included on the album, it always made me want a copy. The label wouldn't give it up, but I did track down a studio version a while after. Today, the production is somewhat dated, but my thoughts on the content (especially the first verse) remain as strong today as back then. 'Got dreams of ending this bitch, my life is miserable / Make me wanna end this shit, find my ass in critical...' Yeah, for an album called 'Broken Silence,' this track would have found a good home. “…Wish I was tall I could carry this load / In this cold f#ckin world I want to f#ckin explode / Guess it’s time for me to depart / I know it sounds strange but I / Served my purpose and I made my mark cuz…” Listen below for a tagless version of the track.