December 01, 2016

Raiza Biza 'Day & Night' EP (Album Stream)

'Day & Night' is the latest project from New Zealand eMCee, Raiza Biza. The EP is full of chill vibes and smooth flows. Production is handled by Shask, Crime Heat, Villette, and Tito Fiasco, but credit the clarity of Raiza Biza's vision that all four producers come with similar production, making this a very cohesive listen. I've been unable to find a bio of any kind on any of his social media pages or website, so I can't offer much background info, except to say that Raiza has a handful of releases in his catalog and has a solid reputation in his hometown. It does say, this is 'True to life hip hop with soul. Uncompromising.' I guess he lets the music speak for itself, I'm not mad at that. Check out the album streaming below and available using the 'name your price' option on Bandcamp. If you have more information, leave it in the comments for me and enjoy the different vibes with this one.