December 03, 2016

JuJu Rogers & Bluestaeb "Lost In Translation" (Album Stream)

"This record is dedicated to the wretched of the earth. The weak and poor. To the people all around the world less privileged than us who are forced to live under even worse circumstances. The criminalized, racialized and marginalized people of this planet."

LIT is a snapshot of Bluestaeb and JuJu Rogers' musical endeavors in Fall 2016. Both had a successful 2015 & 2016 with highly acclaimed albums and a European support tour for Oddisee. JuJu's content on the project deals with the important questions of our time. The trend word 'lit' becomes 'LIT,' an abbreviation for "Lost In Translation" and a metaphor for the disconnection from trends of our society in general and hip-hop especially. Racism, police brutality, gangsta rapper turned activists while still following a pattern of hate and destruction. Bluestaeb’s productions fluctuates from soulful and smooth to raw and gritty without ever sounding redundant. Dig into it...