December 07, 2016

"Hip-Hop Evolution" Now on Netflix (Trailer)

Hip-Hop Evolution traces hip-hop from its humble beginnings to modern day mania. Comprised of two major parts, a documentary series and content website and a custom trailer experience that traces the lineage from modern-day moguls of hip-hop to the pioneers of yesteryear. Hip-Hop Evolution is hosted by the good homie, Canadian MC Shadrach Kabango a.k.a Shad who interviews and explores the history of hip-hop with Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, Grandmaster Caz, Kurtis Blow, Big Daddy Kane, and lots more ... It is now available to stream on Netflix. Enjoy the official trailer below...

The Hip-Hop Evolution website houses information of the series as well as daily content from writers across North America posting new relevant Hip-Hop content as the web series is published and beyond. Along with Andy Garcia, a team worked to publish some great designs and content for the site. An example of that can be seen below, check the website for lots more content. (Updated).