May 10, 2015

Funkmaster Flex & The Ghetto Celebs "Nuttin But Flavor" (1995)

I always give props to Nervous Records/Wreck Records, even Weeded Records. When you saw the logo, you knew what it was, 100%. As for Funkmaster Flex - in his position at Hot 97, Flex has held it down for 20+ years, not including mixes, his role in breaking artists, etc etc. Admittedly, I've had more than a fair share of gripes with how he moves, especially in today's clickbait culture ... but from the beginning, you can't deny his place in Hip-Hop history. Don't get me started on The Tunnel. And for the nostalgia, I dig the old packages labels would send to DJs and tastemakers, as promo, for feedback and support on upcoming records. The above kit says "No feedback, no product, no joke!" If you wanted that free product, you hit them back with the feedback, believe it... lol.