May 01, 2015

Camouflage Large Clique "Hitmen Holdin Steel" (12", 1996)

Brooklyn was keeping the underground on lock, and this should be a familiar sound - even if the group itself wasn't familiar to you back in '96. Their debut 12" as Camouflage Large was released in 1996 on Close Range Records, it was called "Hitmen Holdin Steel" with "Cocbacda 9" on the B-Side. Clique member E-Knight held down the production with DJ Gold Finger on the cuts, mixed & recorded by Joe Quinde at D&D Studios, who is the man you see on many classic records from Gang Starr, Guru, Da King & I, Black Moon, Camp Lo, and so many more. Their second 12" came in 1997, "Regulate," along with "Hear Me Out" and "Heavy Hitters." It was released a year later on their own label, Camouflage Large Records. The production was handled by Jovonn on the lead cut and Latief on "Hear Me Out" & "Heavy Hitters." E. Knight went separate ways and had future joints with N.Y. Confidential. I'm not aware of any group releases since, but - as always - follow the breadcrumbs!