May 06, 2015

Mobb Deep "An Eye For An Eye" (Alternate Version, 1995)

Mobb Deep has been in the business of making hip-hop dreams come true since squashing their recent beef and returning to the studio to cook up more heat. The celebrated duo has prepped a massive collection of tracks to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the completion of The Infamous LP, including an alternate bonus version of the album that landed in 1995 entitled The 1994 Infamous Sessions. The latest from the project finds Queensbridge and Shaolin connecting to deliver an alternate version of the Mobb classic “Eye For An Eye” (Your Beef Is Mines) that features Havoc and Prodigy rocking with Nas, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah. In an interview with Complex, Loud Records A&R, Schott Free said "We had everything straight with ‘Eye for an Eye,’ Ghostface came in and did something [on it]. We were talking about coming with an ‘Eye for an Eye (Remix)’ and we were gonna put Ghost on there. On the strength, I hit him up one day like, ‘Yo, come through.’ He was more than happy and he came with this rhyme and killed it over that beat. I wish to God I woulda just paused for a minute and put the shit to that. But nobody did. The rhyme Ghost used on [‘Real Live Shit’], he wrote that to the ‘Eye for an Eye’ beat." Check the track below to listen to “Eye For An Eye” (Alternate Version). Purchase The Infamous Mobb Deep via iTunes. It's offline!