May 31, 2015

Death Camp "Sleep All Day" (12", 1995)

This is another nice 12" vinyl from 1995, "Sleep All Day" by Death Camp. It was released on StepSun Music Entertainment, which was most known for putting out the Troubleneck Brothers at the time. Although it's uncredited, the production is handled by the legendary Blastmaster KRS-One, who you hear at the opening of the track like he'd done on other singles he's produced for other MCs. This is the only 12" release I'm aware of from Death Camp, and to be fair, it's not even an official release because the only copies are test presses. Between Channel Live's success with "Mad Izm," Mad Lion heating up the charts in years prior, as well as KRS' own self-titled release around that time, I'm not sure what went wrong. KRS made sure to sample his own Boogie Down Productions record "Criminal Minded," but perhaps one of the two other samples raised a red flag, I dunno. Either way, as they say, the rest is history ... you can listen to "Sleep All Day" below. Got more? Send my way!