May 19, 2015

Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs "Love Comes & Goes" (1993)

Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs released "Love Comes & Goes" - produced by Diamond D - on their second album, "Roxbury 02119" in 1993 on Chemistry Records. I believe it was the second 12" release, which actually dropped in '94. Ed O.G. had already dropped "Be A Father To Your Kids" on his debut album "Life of a Kid In The Ghetto," which was the song that got me interested in his music, so by the time "Love Comes & Goes," I saw him as an artist with relatable content and sharp messaging. On the West Coast, Scarface and the Geto Boys were releasing "Til Death Do Us Part," which featured the song "6 Feet Deep;" arguably one of the most emotional cuts in Hip-Hop history. Next to "Love Comes & Goes," they showed an interesting parallel of both coasts and human emotion as a whole. Let's tackle one at a time; dig into Ed O.G.'s video below, and up next will be "6 Feet Deep."