May 27, 2015

Bahamadia "Uknowhowwedu / True Honey Buns" (Review, 1995)

Bahamadia released her debut album "Kollage" on April 2, 1996. Her conversational style, monotone flow, and poetic rhymes were meshed with the funky production of DJ Premier, Da Beatminerz, N.O. Joe, Guru, The Roots, and more, creating a classic album from the Philly MC. One of the stand-out tracks was the second single, "Uknowhowwedu," with production from Ski-Beatz and DJ Red Handed in 1995. A brief back story and review of the single from The Source says, "Many have heard the lyrical styling of Bahamadia on duets with Guru and The Roots and on an all-star female lineup on Big Kap's "Da Ladies." Having established a sizable following with those who appreciate spoken word a la hip-hop, Bahamadia delivers for dat ass in her self-proclaimed "off beat flow." Watch below.

"Uknowhowwedu" is a mellow lil' ditty with a catchy hook and groovy track. The swinging beat offsets Bahamadia's monotone delivery. Her voice is slightly reminiscent of the abstract poet -  especially when all Philly crew is told to "rock, rock on." Years later, this is still one of Bahamadia's most popular cuts, as well as the B-Side "True Honey Buns," produced by the greatest of all-time, DJ Premier. "Wittily getting her point across, Bahamadia freaks the science of "it ain't what you do, it's how you do." (Angela Bronner, The Source). Check out the video for "True Honey Buns" below.