April 15, 2015

DJ A-Mu "Canadian Classics" (Mixtape)

Ever just search through the database of Soundcloud? It's amassed so much amazing content over the years, so it's no surprise some quality stuff pops up from time to time and catches my attention. Managing an artist from Canada, it's beneficial to me to be up on the history of Canadian Hip-Hop, in order to pay homage and just to be aware of its rich history in the culture. Here's a nice crash course by DJ A-Mu with his "Canadian Classics" mixtape. As a bonus, it's real gritty,  underground 90s hip-hop, which as a vinyl head checks an extra box that most mixes don't cover. Having a look at the tracklist, it includes some familiar names like Thrust, Frankenstein, Ghetto Concept, Citizen Kane, Saukrates, Marvel, Maestro Fresh Wes, Theo3, D-Sisive, Arcee, but also dusts over another layer with Sic Sense, Da Grassroots, Crooks of da Round Table, Nas-T Howie and more. A-Mu dug in the crates with this one and it's much appreciated, check it out below.