Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Adagio! "The Break" 12" (1997)

Adagio!, pronounced A-dee-gee-o - they want to be clear on that - are Big Cousin & Rayme Supreme. They dropped this fine record in 1997 on Emo Recordings. It was their ... 3rd 12" ... I believe, and I recall that promo for Emo Recordings was handled by none other than Al Lindstrom. The NY/Philly group had a solid buzz in the underground scene, alongside the Juggaknots & all the independent records you woulda copped down at Fat Beats at the time. Adagio! stood for "A Definition of Ambition, Goals, Interest and Organization!" To me, the stand-out track on this 12" is "The Break," although the sound quality on the copy doesn't do it justice. In 2014, Heavy Jewelz Records put out Pt.1 of "The Obvious Archives," featuring 6 previously archived tracks where the A-Side was the New York Side and the B-Side was the Philly Side. Hopefully Part 2 comes too.