March 07, 2020

Reminder: Follow Me On Instagram: @DJ_Sav_One

A(nother) rare plug ... I should clearly be doing this more often! Don't forget to follow me on my Instagram page for promotional items and stickers; tapes, videos and vinyl - whatever else I feel like sharing on there! If I were smart, I'd link my posts directly to/from this site, but that doesn't feel authentic to me. I'd rather post directly and control the look and feel of everything. Anyhow, above and below are a few scattered images I've shared to my IG, and randomly selected to share here. These two worlds don't overlap as much as my IG and my online store. I communicate often with people between those pages, but very rarely do I get messages or comments from people that also read this site. Perhaps because I don't ever share links from here? Duh. Anyhow, if you see content on my IG that you think would make for an interesting post or you have questions, hit me up HERE