March 20, 2020

A Tribe Called Quest "The Anthology" (Promo Mixtape, 1999)

In 1999, this mixtape was a promotional (cassette) release for A Tribe Called Quest's "The Anthology" compilation. It was mixed by DJ Noise and features a solid intro, as well as cuts like "Steve Biko," "Push It Along," "1nce Again," "Foot Prints," "Buggin' Out," "Mind Power," "The Chase (Part 2)," "Oh My God," "Busta's Lament" and "The Pressure." I think we can all agree that during these difficult times, we look back on better days and surely A Tribe Called Quest's music was the soundtrack to many of them (at least it was for me!). With that said, dig into this short mix below, and Rest In Peace, Phife!

If you want the full artwork, the back cover art is available below.