March 09, 2020

Lords of the Underground "Here Come The Lords" (1993)

Yes, my Brothers and Sisters, the Lords have come. Here Come The Lords is their much-anticipated debut, featuring their current single "Funky Child" and their first singles "Psycho" and "Check It (remix)." Veteran producer Marley Marl and his House of Hits back these brothers up lovely with dirty, nasty, grimy, underground FUNK. The LP's co-producer K-Def creates some standout tracks, too. Mr. Funke and Doitall freak the rhymes with buckwild theatrics, verbal acrobatics and all that - without overdoing the triple-time tongue thing like the latest round of Treach/Das disciples. And even DJ Lord Jazz hits the mic one time nicely on his tribute, "Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time (Make It Funky)." This is one of my favorites because it has a laidback vibe, but still rocks rugged. I was also into the cut, "Chief Rocka." Producer K-Def dropped his drawers and got butt-naked on this one (pause): simple, yet funky bass and drums, thickened up with unobtrusive accents. Mr. Funke and Doitall weave the lyrics in and out of the rhythm, flowing similar to Puba or Sadat X with a bit more psychokinetic-almost-Busta flavor. Tracks to check for include: "Grave Digga," speaking on topics from MCs who fall off to AIDS, i.e. ignorant brothers who "...start the tactics without a prophylactic...down wit' OPP / now you're down six feet under"; "Keep It Underground," about preserving rap's street flavor; "Lord's Prayer," blasting shady church operations; and their theme cut, "L.O.T.U.G. (Lords of the Underground." ... The majority of songs are in there, dropping a variety of gritty beats, Pete Rockish horns, and some good call-and-response hooks. The material will work well for live sets, if their energy on stage is as hyped as it seems on record. - Rap Sheet (6/93).

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