March 10, 2020

Why "The Wire" Is SO Brilliant (Video)

I regret that I haven't done a better job representing the great television shows and movies I've been watching over the years. I try to make it a point to share info about documentaries and videos that impact the culture, but for some reason, it never occurred to me to talk more about television and movies. And truth be told, I watch a lot of stuff that deserves a place on this site. Maybe it's my OCD and the idea of putting as much energy into films/TV as I do music might be a bit overwhelming. So, for now I'm just gonna say that from time to time, I'll make it a point to highlight more content. By now, I am sure everyone has seen the classic show based in Baltimore called The Wire. Every now and again I revisit The Wire, and each time I learn something new and appreciate more of what David Simon was trying to convey in the different episodes. Man was that a layered show. Arguably one of the best and most well-executed shows of our generation. That said, nothing new to share here, just a reminder that even if you've seen The Wire, you should revisit it from time to time! It's an experience worth its replay value. The video below says it better than I would, so check it out below. Who do you think is the best character from The Wire? DM me.