March 26, 2020

Brad "Scarface" Jordan (Greatest Rapper Of All-Time?)

With news of Brad "Scarface" Jordan testing positive for the coronavirus, it's important we lift him up in prayer, continue to give him his flowers while he can smell them and recognize him as potentially one of the greatest of all-time. To do so, let's look back on my brother Justin Hunte aka The Company Man's #TBDShow discussing Face: "Let’s do the math. 7 group albums since 1988 as part of the Geto Boys. One platinum (We Can’t Be Stopped). Two Gold. (Till Death Do Us Part & The Resurrection). 11 solo albums since 1991’s Mr. Scarface Is Back. 3 Platinum (The Diary, The Untouchable & My Homies). 4 Gold. At least 3 certified classics. The Geto Boys Grip It On Another Level received 5 Mics in The Source. The Fix received 5 mics in The Source. The Diary received a perfect score in The Source and XXL. Mr. Scarface Is Back is absolutely in a classic conversation. Super pioneering piece of work. We’ll get back to that. Face was honored by BET with the I AM Hip Hop Award in 2015. He won best lyricist of 2001 at The Source Awards, beating out Jay-Z, Eminem, Prodigy, and Talib Kweli. That’s a diverse ass class. 29 years. Incredible productivity. Commercial impact. Spilling critical acclaim. That combination helps put into context why Scarface is consistently considered your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. Every region is littered with emcees that revere the legendary Brad Jordan. Scarface may be the greatest rapper of all time." Get well, Brad!