June 17, 2019

DJ Pizzo "The Arrival Of Kendrick Lamar" (Mixtape, 2013)

“The Arrival Of Kendrick Lamar” by DJ Pizzo pays homage to those mid-90’s Mister Cee mixtapes like “The Best Of Biggie” and “The Best Of Redman”, this “tape” collects many of the b-sides, remixes, and collaborations from Kendrick Lamar from his days on the come-up. Mixed by DJ Pizzo (originally of HipHopSite) who chose the title “The Arrival Of Kendrick Lamar” for two reasons 1) He always thought those “Best Of” titles were a bit inaccurate, because these tapes were usually made up of all of the tracks the artist threw away. 2) 2012 was the year Kendrick Lamar truly “arrived”, so this mix reflects that. "Along with all of the blog bangers, there’s also a few exclusive Pizzo edits and some trap remixes as well. Fully mixed and blended. None of that broken-glass-sound-effect-as-a-transition-bullshit." Pizzo is now doing great things with Medium at Cuepoint.