September 13, 2018

Mick Boogie "God's Gift: The Nas/Jay-Z Project" (2005)

God's Gift: The Nas / Jay-Z Project is a mixtape put together by Mick Boogie & Joey Fingaz in 2005. It was reviewed in Rap Pages, saying: "It's everyone's dream come true... well, kind of. An album's worth of Jay's and Nas' verses blended together. While the chemistry was explosive on "24 Years to Life," "Faithful," and "The Life," all this mixtape really does is build anticipation for the long-awaited Jay and Nas collaboration." After the beef and battle, then mending their differences and working together; in 2018, would I still feel as excited about a Nas and Jay-Z collaborative album? Yes, I surely would, lol. I mean, not as much as the long-awaited Nas and DJ Premier album or Nas and AZ album or Nas and The Alchemist, 9th Wonder, Pete Rock, Large Professor, etc album ... but sure, I'd be on the check-out line to purchase a copy at a neighborhood record store. 'Til then, I guess we've gotta go back and listen to Mick Boogie's God's Gift mix and wait it out a bit longer.