September 02, 2018

Da Wolfpack "Definition" (Video)

Da Wolfpack (Omar Epps and his cousin, G-Sharp) dropped "Definition" (produced by Akshun) on cassette and vinyl in '95 on Emotional Records. The video for the single had decent rotation at the time, but I'm not sure how much distribution the physical copies had - I was never able to cop the cassette. While the cousins formed the group in '91, it's not a surprise that after the success of Juice in '92, Omar Epps was able to leverage his notoriety into bigger opportunities for his music. I can't say too much on what happened after '95 (because I don't know), but you might argue that loyalty to his fam got in Epps' way, I'll let you decide: when faced with the opportunity of doing a bunch of joints with DJ Premier (funded by a label), O tried to reach back and grab his homie who made beats instead. I DO respect his loyalty (honestly) and it's not to say his homie did or didn't make dope beats, too, (especially if it was Akshun, he had lots of dope stuff with Pac, Special Ed and more) but I'm saying, we could have had joints with DJ Premier too! I doubt there's any regret, Omar Epps' career has been long and distinguished so certainly things worked out just fine, and if you think about it, '95 was "Higher Learning" and '97 was the slept-on gem "First Time Felon," so he was busy with plenty of dope 'ish. Thinking more about it, I'd seen some info that Domingo - who has worked with Big Pun, KRS and many others - had done some work with Da Wolfpack, but I don't know the timeline - maybe he was the producer? That woulda been dope, too! Anyhow, let's get back to the music - peep "Definition" and do some diggin' to find more of their must, it's out there!