September 26, 2018

Ghostface Killah & Big Ghost Ltd "The Lost Tapes" (Album Stream)

As with any release involving Big Ghost Ltd, I head straight to his Instagram to get the proper scoop and wording on how he wants to flip the shit, so let's let man speak his peace: "Shit is paying tribute to the legacy of one the greatest emcees to ever walk the earth or any other planet...while also presenting yall wit (contrary to the album title) ALL. NEW. MUSIC. Soundscapes provided by none other than the mighty Hands of Zeus hisself aka Big Ghost Ltd. The album itself was masterminded by n creatively directed under the watchful eye of M80 who wanted to reacquaint fans of the legendary #GFK wit that vintage Ghost Deini shit while still pushin the sounds into less familiar territory... So you get that dusty soulful shit... You get that boom bap shit.. That gutter shit... That rock shit... You get the sounds of a more mature n experienced #Ghostface along wit features from all types of greats...legends such as Kane, Snoop, E40, Cappadonna, Raekwon, Planet Asia, Crooked I ... to future legends such as Benny The Butcher, 38 Spesh, Vic Spencer, Hus Kingpin & more. This aint jussa regular album...its a celebration of a human monument by his peers n those he has inspired for the past 2.5 decades nahmean. We gotta pay homage to the greats. The ones who paved the way for others to follow... I gotta thank Ghost myself too namsayin. But to anybody whoever devoted energy to doubting me or praying for my aint motivate me at all so I aint thanking ya insignificant bum ass for shit. The god is only motivated by greatness n by the need to persevere. Thank you to all those who truly inspire me to do great shit. PEACE"