June 16, 2018

2Pac's Testing Option Agreement For Juice (2/26/91)

First, a Happy Birthday to 2Pac, who was born on this day in 1971 in East Harlem, NY. Below is part of 2Pac's original contract to test for roles in the movie Juice in February, 1991. As you can see, Pac was initially being considered for the role of "Q" or "Bishop" in the film. His compensation was only $1647.80 per "studio week" for no less than seven weeks. Naturally, this doesn't reflect all of the terms, nor any adjustments that might have been made, but it's interesting in the sense that you've probably heard the rumors that 2Pac might've played the Omar Epps role of Q, instead of the "villain" Bishop. I can't imagine the movie without 2Pac playing "Bishop," he just captured that role so perfectly. Just the same, you probably heard all the controversy around Pac and the Hughes brothers, regarding fights and roles for the movie Menace II Society. Pac was such a strong personality and presence that he would've undoubtedly changed the course of those movies had roles being altered. His absence is still felt, and when I look back on what could've been - in life -  I know 2Pac would have inserted himself into the daily conscience of folks and his voice would be one of the most influential. As is, he is still one of the most impactful artists our generation. R.I.P., 2Pac.