June 30, 2018

Natural Elements "Built To Last Mix"

The 'Built To Last' Radio Show is hosted by Corrado & I Joe, each Thursday from 8-9pm on Radio campus FM in Toulouse, France. This is another artist tribute mix, this time the legendary underground hip-hop crew, Natural Elements: L Swift, A Butta & Mr. Voodoo, along with Charlemagne on most of the production. Any fans that grew up in the same era of hip-hop as me - with access, of course - were glued to radio to try and catch the Natural Elements crew, late at night, dropping off live freestyles and going bar for bar with one another. Or, up at Fat Beats. Their LP on Tommy Boy Black had it's obvious setbacks, finally getting an independent CD release some years back, plus multiple vinyl releases to celebrate old demos, instrumentals and slept-on cuts. Dig all that up as you can, but for now get familiar with this tightly constructed "Built To Last" mix.