June 06, 2018

Cage "Purple Rain Mix CD" (2004)

Cage's "Purple Rain" Mix CD was released exclusively with his "Home Movies" DVD in 2004. The "Homie Movies" was a limited edition DVD, which gave behind the scenes looks at The Revenge of the Robots Tour. Scenes included a trip to the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, a cypher with the Weathermen at WKCR in NYC and various live performances, in-stores and whatever else they were doing for shits and giggles at the time. As for the Purple Rain Mix CD, it features various exclusives with Cage, Yak Ballz, Leak Bros and more. A personal favorite of mine is Cage's "Ballad of Worms," which flips Built to Spill's "I Would Hurt a Fly" into an eerie soundscape to deliver a story about his obligation to a sick and dying girlfriend as a metaphor for his real life relationship with hip-hop and music. It's also said to be a love ballad to Zelda from "Pet Semetary," who dies from spinal meningitis. Remember when music had this many layers? In the words of Cage, "Enjoy kiddies!"