June 03, 2018

Pusha T "The Story of Adidon" (Drake Diss)

"Since you name-dropped my fiancée
Let 'em know who you chose as your Beyoncé
Sophie knows better as your baby mother
Cleaned her up for IG, but the stench is on her
A baby's involved, it's deeper than rap
We talkin' character, let me keep with the facts
You are hiding a child, let that boy come home
Deadbeat mothafucka playin' border patrol, ooh"

A signature "Yuugh!" from Pusha T on this whole "Story of Adidon" track, no question! I'm not above being petty, for sure, or else I wouldn't even post this audio, but the questions a beef like this raises are more important than the beef itself. Rules? Boundaries? Codes? Now, as layered an MC as Pusha T is, I suspect he only went low because he knows more than we do, or else he wouldn't take these shots at 40; he's above that ... no? So, while I won't post about it again (unless another great track accompanies it), we're gonna see it play out live. Maybe questions will be answered, because, ya know, Hip-Hop is still young; we're learning as we're going. This may end up as a blueprint for beef moving forward. At least for mainstream artists that try to use their celebrity. Again ... "Yuugh!" Read the room and walk away, Drake. Photo courtesy of Purple PR. Listen below...