May 03, 2014

Wu-Tang Clan - Press Kit (Protect Ya Neck .... Kid!, 1993)

Wu-Tang Clan Original Press Kit Loud BMG
Wu-Tang Clan Original Press Kit Loud BMG Page 2

Wu-Tang Clan, Protect Ya Neck ... Kid! Going back to late '92, the Wu-Tang released 'Protect Ya Neck' on their own label before signing to Loud Records. An official pressing would follow on this day in '93 as the lead single to their debut album, 'Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).' The press kit above was sent out by BMG a while after 'Protect Ya Neck' had dropped and by this time, they were actually pushing 'Can It All Be So Simple' to radio, but let's focus on 'Protect Ya Neck,' where it says: ‘The sizzling, hardcore single, “Protect Ya Neck,” first released on the Clan’s own Wu-Tang label, is already blazing a trail through clubs, college radio, and New York’s subterranean hip-hop scene. LA-based (bi-coastal) Loud Records picked up on these underground vibes, and immediately signed the group … Punks, perpetrators, and impostors better duck the death blow because Wu-Tang is no joke. Backed by bone-breaking beats and eerie horror movie sounds, this family of lyrical masters — featuring The Rebel INS, Shallah Raekwon, Method Man, U God, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Ghost Face Killer, Prince Rakeem, and The Genius — filling piles of styles and more flavors than Life Savers. “Protect Ya Neck” is what hardcore hip-hop is all about.’ Readers of my past sites remember me posting this full press-kit years ago so this may not be new to ya, but I can still remember buying the 12" on Fresh Pond Road in Queens; the white sleeve with the Wu logo stood out at the display and my only regret at the time was not coppin' doubles, although I eventually did. While the exact date of its release may be in question, today is just as good as any to celebrate a classic single - from a classic album - in a classic catalog. Oh, and ‘The clan does not want to be confused for Kung-Fu clowns. ‘We are not on no flips and kicks bullshit,’ says Rakeem. ‘If anything, we flip flows with lyrics that kick ass.’ They also stress that it isn’t safe for wack rappers to even touch the mic anymore.’

Wu-Tang Clan Protect Ya Neck 12" Vinyl

Another good excuse to revisit the LP below...