May 05, 2014

Funkee Phlavaz: "Episodes 1-6" (1993)

Referring back to old posts, many of you should know that Alchemist & Scott Caan were once in a group called the Whooliganz. The tracks and project they've released has been discussed - hit the tags - but that's not where the story ends, not by a long shot! Thanks to the undefeated internet, Passion Of The Weiss has unearthed and premiered the first two (I added more) episodes of Funkee Phlavaz, undoubtedly the greatest show that most people never saw. There were allegedly 17 episodes back in 1993 or so, which ran on a station that handled programming from the students of Beverly Hills High School. PW goes on to say that Alchemist hosted the first few episodes, but eventually "Funkee Phlavaz" recruited guest hosts that included Guru, the Pharcyde, Masta Ace, KRS-One" & more. The program was produced by Adam Weissman, who is now an incredible art director at Stussy. You'll hear a diverse range of Hip-Hop & Dancehall on the episodes (you should be watching by now). Props all around, this is a baggy-clothed time capsule for an era not-so-forgotten, but a reminder we did weird shit, too... the soundtrack to our bad decisions was just better. It's ironic to see Alchemist introduce a young group by the name of Mobb Deep, when we now know what an integral he's played in their sound, and vice versa! Check that, King Tee, Trends of Culture, The Pharcyde and lots more below, will update as I can. I miss The Box & Yo! MTV Raps.