Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Trends Of Culture "Valley Of The Skinz" (The Source, 9/93)

"If you are not up on the Trends of Culture album, then this single will quickly remedy the situation. Nothing short of perfect, this could be one of the summer's most enjoyable songs. Dedicated to our favorite subject - sex - Nastee, Grapevine, and M.O.L. show and prove that sex rhymes can be delivered with class, skill and distinction. While there are plenty of mix versions to choose from, most will want to stick wit the original. Its solid drums, soft piano keys and weird synth effects make it a winner even before the first rhyme is spoken." Check out the visuals below, cont'd...

"And when they turn on the mics, it is clear that they know what they are talking about. Showing great diversity and skill the Trends tell the tale with lines like: "Jimmy on patrol, Jenny on parole / And I took total control of her tuna casserole" and "A little playful pushin' / A little playful mushin' / And I'll tap the tush and I'll make flat the bush / But don't be tryin' to play a trick, G / 'Cause I can tell on the down low if you've been whistling dixie." - The Source, September 1993.