May 11, 2014

Brother Ali "Champion EP" (EP Stream, 2004)

"Brother Ali is a perfect example of the diversity in hip-hop's expansive universe. He is the type of man that couldn't have been recognized on a national scale ten years ago, and yet he is now one of the underground's shining stars. "Shadows on the Sun" was an intense journey into the mind of one of the most complex and talented rhyme sayers today. With such an auspicious debut, he chose to follow up in a great way: a nice little EP with more of the same type of material that made the original so successful. The "Champion EP" is just another reminder of why Brother Ali made his name in the first place.... Ali clearly channels his feelings through the mic, and rapping seems to be a way of working out his problems. Few people are born with the ability to express themselves in this way, but Brother Ali is clearly one of them. "Sleepwalker" and "Rain Water" offer plenty of insight into Ali as a person, and this is the true evidence that he is one of the best rappers alive. Ali destroys competitors on tracks like "Bad Ma Fucka," but his true test is the personal reflection... This man lives and breathes hip-hop, and this excellent record shows it." - RapReviews // 10th anniversary.