May 13, 2014

DJ Rhettmatic "The Wedding Mixer" (Mixtape)

"Back in 2002, Key-Kool of the Visionaries asked me on behalf of his brother, if I was available to DJ his brother's wedding reception...the only thing is, the wedding was to be held in Hawaii. At that time, I couldn't make it out because I had something already scheduled, and at the same time, Key's brother & his soon-to-be-wife couldn't afford to get a DJ at the last minute. So to help out Key's brother and to serve as a wedding gift as well, I made a mixtape specifically for Key's brother & future wife to play at their wedding reception. The mixtape was filled with all the classic 70's & 80's joints that can get a party going & music that basically Key's brother grew up listening to. I used the original vinyl for this mix & recorded it on old 4-track cassette recorder before I got Pro-Tools & before Serato was actually released." Some of the history of the infamous "Wedding Mixer."