May 20, 2014

Fat Joe "Flow Joe" (1993)

"Flow Joe" is the debut single by Bronx eMCee Fat Joe. It was released on his debut LP "Represent" in 1993. The song contains samples of "Get Out of My Life, Woman" by Lee Dorsey and "The Long Wait" by Morton Stevens, flipped by Diamond D as the producer on the track. Years later, Joe describes the record and his come-up to Complex: “I started out in the Apollo Theater. That’s where I got my start. I won Amateur Night four weeks in a row. I met Red Alert, who was the number one DJ in New York. He worked on 98.7 KISS FM. He asked me to give him a promo, like a jingle. So I went to Diamond D’s spot, and he came up with the beat. Red played it a couple of weeks later and the whole projects and everyone in front of the building started going crazy. So that was where ‘Flow Joe’ came from originally. Then, Chris Lighty and Relativity approached me about signing me, and they wanted that to be the single. So we took that, and we turned it into Flow Joe... and the rest is history" The B-Side to the 12" was "Livin Fat," produced by Lord Finesse.