May 02, 2014

Nightbreed "2 Roads Out The Ghetto" (12", 1998)

This is a phenomenal record from 1998 right here: Nightbreed's "2 Roads Out The Ghetto" 12". All three tracks on this 12" were produced by the founder of Fortress Entertainment and the producer for the Natural Elements crew, Charlemagne. Nightbreed was Brooklyn's KA (The Verbal Swordsman) and Oddbrawl (The Lyrical Juggernaut). Charlemagne and his Fortress Entertainment put out some of the best, most lyrical releases from NY's underground scene in the late 90s. A quick look on Discogs will tell you that this Nightbreed record is one of the more expensive records in the Fortress catalog. With the hard-hitting "2 Roads Out The Ghetto," the piano-driven "Long Time Coming" and the dusty "Ruckus," it's a surprise that they weren't able to secure a deal at the time. KA has said it wasn't without attempts, it just didn't work out for Nightbreed. To his credit, while things didn't go as planned in the 90s, KA has seen much success in the last decade, starting with a feature on GZA's "Pro Tools" LP in '08. He went on to release his debut album "Iron Works," and has since released some of the best, most cerebral concept albums. He also popped up in the news when an article was written about his 9-5 & drew even more attention to his art. Unfortunately, not much has been heard of Oddbrawl since (that I'm aware of), although he was obviously very talented. In the end, I'm glad that KA found a career, then when the itch hit him to create again, the stars aligned and he found some long-awaited success that many 90s artists never found.