March 31, 2016

Fierce "Crab" (12") + "Unsigned Hype" (The Source, 1996)

If you dig dope piano loops, you're in a for a treat with Fierce's "Crab." Released on Wreck House Records in 1996, the track - which stood for Cowards Realistically Acting As Backstabbers - makes use of George Winston's "The Cradle" for the loop and the Newark, NJ MC tears into it. You might have caught him in The Source's highly-coveted "Unsigned Hype" section (9/96), check that above. Fierce had deals with both Elektra & Arista but nothing came of it, not even the mildly anticipated release of "Jersey Stand Up," which unfortunately never dropped. The beauty of the internet and our niche audience, there's always a label that'll cough up a lil' money for unreleased music from the Golden Era; especially if it's being discussed online with numbers on Discogs - labels look at that stuff, so maybe more to come? In the meantime, Fierce or Ferocious Intellect Equalling Rap's Cause and Effect can be heard below on both "Crabs" & "Come Close," check it out.