March 27, 2016

Eternia in Now Magazine (March, 2011 - Juno Awards)

Ahead of the 2011 Juno Awards, which are Canada's version of the Grammy's, Eternia was featured in Now Magazine.... "When Eternia hit the studio with Toronto hip-hop producer MoSS after meeting him at a concert in Winnipeg, the 26-year-old MC found a musical partner who could push the energy and vivid, honest storytelling she's best known for even further. So deep was their creative connection that, nine months after their Juno-nominated collaboration album, At Last (Fat Beats), dropped, she's now grappling with separation issues. "In the last couple of months, I got hundreds of beats from all different types of producers, MoSS gave me, like, 10, and literally the minute he gave me them I wanted to write a whole album," says Eternia (aka Silk Kaya) from her home base in Queens, New York. 'There's just something about them that plucks at my heartstrings'." Cont'd...

"One of his trippy boom-bap beats struck particularly deep, unearthing unpleasant memories she'd long tried to erase. When she sat down to write what would become the recent single To The Future, blunt rhymes about sexual abuse and violence ("That same year, I was assaulted with a gun / These dudes locked me in a room / molested me for fun") gushed out. "The violin kinda rips at you," she says. "It's haunting and it's ripping you bare; that was the unspoken vibe of the track. Then I literally said, 'What are all the skeletons in my closet that I don't want my future husband to know?' I'll just tell them to the world." Enough time has passed that she's gotten distance from the song, and she's using its video to raise awareness for Kids Help Phone and to draw attention to the crisis of self that young women often experience. 'At the end I say (to my future husband), 'Why would you wanna? I got problems, so go on,' and that's how I felt when I wrote it. I don't feel that way now. The song's hopefully collectively releasing us of the burden, the guilt, the shame, the demons, the lack of self-love'." - Now Magazine, March 2011. Article below, and Juno Award materials above.